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Employment Attorneys in Houston, TX

Businesses must rely on one thing above all else for their success: their employees. It is paramount for any company to have the documents, procedures, and policies in place to ensure its employees and the company itself are successful. If a disgruntled employee files claims against an employer, the company will need knowledgeable attorneys ready to advocate on their behalf. The attorneys with Patout & Shaw, PLLC have a wealth of knowledge and experience representing various clients from small businesses to large government entities in employment law matters, including:

  1. Workplace discrimination based on race, age, gender, or other factors
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Retaliation
  4. Unemployment benefits
  5. Unpaid wages or failing to provide minimum wage
  6. Child labor law violation charges
  7. Wrongful termination charges
  8. And overtime wage claims

Whether our clients need documents drafted or an employment attorney to represent them in a collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the attorneys with Patout & Shaw, PLLC have the knowledge, skill, and experience to ensure the best result through zealous advocacy, developing decisive solutions to often complex issues in employment law.

How to Know When You Need an

Employment Lawyer in Houston, TX

An employment law attorney can help ensure that companies comply with state, federal, and laws specific to your industry. Here are a few reasons you might hire an employment lawyer in Houston:

The last thing an employer wants is to create a hostile work environment. To navigate escalating disputes within a company, you need our team of top employment lawyers in Houston, Texas.

Comprehensive understanding of labor and employment law and in-depth experience enable employer defense attorneys Patout & Shaw to provide legal advice that will protect your rights and resolve your legal issues.

When you contact our Houston employment law firm, our workplace lawyers will consider the details of the event and any evidence surrounding your claim. As EEOC attorneys, we can explain the law as it pertains to your claim, and aggressively pursue legal solutions.

How to Hire the

Best Employment Attorney in Houston

Most people aren’t hiring an EEOC lawyer on a regular basis. To make sure you’re getting quality representation for your investment, utilize these tips to hire the best employment lawyer in Houston:

Schedule a Consultation with the Right Priorities
Many clients are looking for a free consultation, instead of selecting a work lawyer with years of experience and a track record of success. After going over the details of your case, you should have a feeling for the lawyers grasp of the matter and their style of communication.

Ask About Legal Fees
Any lawyer who does not communicate their pricing clearly won’t be able to form a trusting relationship with their client.

Consider Communication Skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills are important to have in your Houston, Texas employment lawyer. Clear verbiage in written documents, persuasive reasoning in negotiations, and nuanced presentations to a judge or jury are all essential to the success of your case. Your lawyer should also have exceptional listening skills, and interpersonal communication skills.

To effectively make your case, employment lawyers must calculate how jurors will respond to arguments or evidence, interpret the character of witnesses and reliability of their statements, and pick up on the mood of a courtroom.

In your consultation, you should feel like your potential lawyer is paying attention to what you have to say, understanding all the facts surrounding your case, and is already considering avenues of defense that may benefit you.

Consider Discernment, Judgement, and Analytical Skills
You’ll want a lawyer who values confidentiality and discretion, can follow a line of reasoning and determine potential flaws in logic, and can quickly determine the best solutions. A good lawyer will be able to process confusing data like briefs, grievances, or judgements, and translate that to you in a rational way.

A claim may reference more than one law or precedent, so you need a lawyer who can quickly determine which course of action is most beneficial to you.

We are confident that our labor and employment attorneys in Houston, Texas, embody all of these characteristics that make for great legal counsel. Patout & Shaw Law Firm, PLLC provides legal assistance throughout Texas and Colorado.

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