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Construction Lawyers Houston, TX

The Construction Law Firm You Can Rely On

When dealing with the complicated issues of the construction industry, it is important to have attorneys who understand those complexities and can provide decisive solutions to resolve those issues.

The attorneys with Patout, Law, & Shaw, PLLC are well versed in construction law and handle various kinds of matters from beginning to end, from initial bid to close-out and post-completion matters. Our attorneys have significant experience handling various construction matters, including:

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Construction Attorney From Contract To Close-Out

The construction law attorneys at Patout, Law, and Shaw can help with every aspect of litigation and contracture in your construction project. From contract to close-out, our construction attorneys are available.

Construction Contract Drafting

Construction contracts in commercial projects are a labyrinth of agreements. You need a contractor lawyer that can help you, no matter where you are in the process or what part of construction you’re involved in.

Construction Arbitration

If you’re involved in a construction dispute, arbitration is a low-impact method of resolving the matter in a way that doesn’t leave it up to chance and a jury that may not understand the intricacy of construction law.

Construction Claims & Disputes

Whether you’re an owner or a contractor, an attorney will be able to help you if you’re involved in a construction dispute. If that dispute goes to court, you’ll want an experienced construction litigation attorney on your side.

Construction Default

Contract termination can be devastating for small and medium-sized construction businesses. Patout, Law, and Shaw are dedicated to providing our clients with remedies to avoid termination while protecting your rights.

Mechanic's Liens and Payment Bonds

Failure to pay can mean the difference between making your payroll and defaulting. If your client hasn’t paid your bill, Patout, Law, And Shaw can offer remedies. We act swiftly to ensure that you’re paid and cash flow returns to normal.

Design & Construction Defects

Litigating construction & design defects requires specialized expertise in construction law and technical knowledge of the field, and Patout, Law, And Shaw have successfully litigated defect cases as counsel for both the plaintiff and defendant.

OSHA Compliance & Citations

A citation from OSHA can not only lead to fines and other costs, it can delay your project and expose you to risk. Patout, Law, And Shaw can provide defense and negotiation to minimize liability and avoid formal citations.

Professional Licensure Defense

Sometimes the best defense is a good defense. We help architects, engineers, and other design professionals protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits and attacks on their licensure. Patout, Law, and Shaw can help you draft contracts and defend yourself from attack.

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Construction & Contract Law For All Parties

The construction litigation lawyers at Patout, Law, and Shaw have the experience and expertise to provide construction law services for everyone involved in residential and commercial construction projects.


Contractors can potentially take on a lot of liability if they don’t have an experienced lawyer help them draft their contracts. Patout, Law, and Shaw has experienced contractor attorneys for Houston, TX contractors.


Owners are exposed to liability because, after the construction is completed, they’re left with the results. If the construction was shoddy or dangerous, they’ll need an experienced construction attorney in Houston, TX.


Overseeing large construction projects comes with liability throughout the construction process. You may need a lawyer for contractor disputes, but the construction dispute lawyers at Patout, Law, and Shaw can develop solid contingency plans for your developments.

Design Professionals

Engineers and architects need to protect themselves from future design liability, both from owners and potential tenants in the building. The construction lawyers at Patout, Law, and Shaw can help design professionals protect themselves from liability.

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Experienced Construction Lawyers In Houston, TX

The construction attorneys at Patout, Law, & Shaw, PLLC have represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers/vendors, and design professionals in all types of construction projects from home remodeling and new residential construction to high-rise commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure projects.

Whether our clients need to file a mechanics’ lien to secure rights to payment or present a multi-million dollar construction defect claim, the attorneys with Patout, Law & Shaw, PLLC have the knowledge, skill, and experience to ensure the best result for our clients through zealous advocacy, developing decisive solutions to often complex issues in the construction industry.

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Full-Service Construction Law Firm For Everything Your Business Needs

Patout, Law, And Shaw’s extensive experience with construction law is matched by our wealth of experience in business litigation, contracts, and other legal avenues, including:

Real Estate Transactions

Successful developments often hinge on good real estate transactions, and we’re prepared to ensure that yours go smoothly and pave the way for success.


Contract and financing negotiations can ensure that, no matter what you’re doing, it will ultimately turn a profit. We’re here to ensure it does.

Employment Law

Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws is essential to running any business–in construction, it’s even more vital.


In an already-risky business environment, it’s essential that any excess liability be eliminated, and we’ll ensure that you're protected.


A good contract can protect you from liability and non-payment, amongst other things. We’ll work to ensure you have the contracts you need.


Patout, Law, And Shaw has extensive experience with business litigation, and a good lawyer can ensure you’re always protected.


The regulatory environment for development and construction can be a maze, and you need a legal team ready to help you navigate it.

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