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Construction Contract Lawyers in Houston, TX

Good Contracts Are the Bedrock of Profitable Construction

Your success as a construction or construction-adjacent company can be directly attributed to the strength of your contracts and your ability to enforce them.

As a firm specializing in construction law, Patout, Law, & Shaw understand the nature and importance of construction contracts.

Whether you’re a design professional or subcontractor, our team of experienced construction lawyers can help you draft, negotiate, and enforce the contracts that will minimize your risk and maximize your profitability.

Our team has a deep, multifaceted understanding of construction contract agreements, and we’ve drafted and enforced ones for a variety of industries.

At Patout, Law, & Shaw, no detail is too small. Our team spends time coming to understand your business, the industry, and the project to help draft an agreement that meets your needs and protects you.

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Attorney for Residential Contract Agreements

Often, there are fewer stakeholders in residential construction, but that’s not always the case in larger, multi-family projects.

For residential projects, it’s essential to have an ironclad agreement that protects you should someone change their mind halfway through construction, make drastic changes during the build, or otherwise endanger the building of their own home.

Patout, Law, & Shaw can draft custom or boiler-plate agreements that do just that. Build your business on a strong foundation–contact us for your contract needs.

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Attorney for Commercial Contract Agreements

Commercial construction contracts are often more complicated than residential contracts. More stakeholders, regulations, and professionals are involved in these projects.

That means complex contracts, and Patout, Law, & Shaw’s team of detail-focused attorneys can help draft contracts that protect you, no matter what part of the process you’re responsible for.

Our experience with custom contracts and construction in general also means that we’re used to negotiating with multiple stakeholders and understanding the shifting dynamics of commercial construction projects.

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Contract Drafting & Enforcement

The right contract will minimize risk and maximize potential. While no construction job is perfect, a good contract will protect you, your business, and your work.

The team at Patout, Law, & Shaw will help you draft, negotiate, and enforce contracts that allow your business and your projects to succeed.

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Construction Contract Disputes

Sometimes there will be disputes, and no contract can guarantee that someone won’t complain about your work.

If that happens, the team at Patout, Law, & Shaw is here to support you and your business. We’ll fight with you to ensure that you’re protected.

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Construction Contract Litigation

If you need courtroom representation for a contract dispute, the team at Patout, Law, & Shaw has extensive trial experience and is prepared to represent you should you need it.

Our team’s experience with construction law, contracture, and the courtroom ensure that you’ll have a great team by your side.

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Construction Contract Mediation

Patout, Law, & Shaw’s team is experienced with contraction contract negotiation and mediation. We’re able to represent you and your interests should you need it.

If you have a contract or dispute entering mediation and need attorneys to represent you, contact Patout, Law, & Shaw today.

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Common Construction Contracts

With Patout, Law, & Shaw on your side, we’ll help you identify the type of contract that works best for your needs. When you’re ready, we’ll draft, negotiate, and enforce it too.

Cost-Plus Contracts

Cost-plus contracts guarantee you make your costs plus a profit back and are favored by a lot of contractors.

Design-Build Contracts

Design-build contracts are great if you employ design and construction professionals or want to speed up the bid process.

GMP Contract

Guaranteed Maximum Price contracts ensure that you’re paid a fixed amount, which in certain circumstances may be good.

Incentive Construction Contracts

Incentive contracts offer more money if you complete the project by an agreed deadline, and we can advise you about them.

IPD Contracts

Integrated project delivery contracts use a single contract for design, delivery, and execution–sharing risk & reward.

Lump-Sum Contracts

In this type of contract, the contractor delivers the project for a previously agreed-upon amount for the completed project.

T&M Contracts

Time & materials contracts ensure that contractors are paid for the time and materials they spend to deliver the project.

Unit Price Contracts

Should you be working with multiple units of deliverables, a unit price contract may be beneficial to your company.

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Experienced Construction Contract Attorneys in Houston, TX

If you’r preparing contracts for your company, you want the experience of a construction law firm that understands, intimately, your industry.

Contact Patout, Law, & Shaw today to speak with our experienced construction attorneys in the Houston, TX area.

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