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Construction Arbitration in Houston, TX

Construction Lawyers Available for Arbitration in Construction Disputes

Not all construction disputes need to end with litigation. Since construction contracts can be so complicated, it’s often preferable for both parties to settle. Arbitration over construction contracts can save both parties massive sums.

The experienced construction attorneys at Patout & Shaw provide a suite of construction arbitration services for Houston, TX, contractors, property owners, and investors.

We’re committed to serving our client's best interests, ensuring that they get an improved outcome after the conclusion of the arbitration process.

If you’re looking for construction ADR, contact Patout & Shaw today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced construction lawyers.

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Experienced Construction Attorneys Representing Contractors, Owners, and Investors

Construction contracts can be complicated. A lot of contractors and property owners build their standard contract over time. Unfortunately, no contract is perfect. When a dispute arises, Patout & Shaw is here to help.

Change Orders

Construction rarely goes exactly as planned. Changes and modifications can wind up in dispute, and Patout & Shaw are able to represent your interests in such a claim.

Construction Defects

Whether emerging from a disputed design flaw, materials, or workmanship, Patout & Shaw are prepared to represent your defect claims in mediation.

Project Delays

Sometimes, projects take longer than originally estimated. If you’re involved with a dispute over a project delay, Patou & Shaw are here to ensure you’re represented.

Cost Overruns

Money is the most common motivation for a dispute, and cost overruns can lead both parties to the negotiation table. Let Patout & Shaw help advise and represent you there.

Termination of Contract

Early contract termination can be difficult to handle on your own, but Patout & Shaw are here to advise you and protect your interests up to and during medication.


Claims alleging negligence can be very damaging, and this encourages both parties to meet in the middle and negotiate a resolution together.

Payment Disputes

Money very frequently leads to heated disputes between parties, but Patout & Shaw are here to ensure that you or your company’s financial prospects are protected.

Insurance & Liability

Occasionally, a contractor, subcontractor, or developer will have disagreements over matters related to insurance and liability. We’re here to mediate these disagreements.

And More

Construction is a complicated industry, and disputes will inevitably arise sometimes. Rely on Patout & Shaw’s extensive experience to protect your best interests.

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Why Clients Choose Patout & Shaw

We’re Subject Matter Experts

We’re an experienced Houston, TX, construction law firm. We have a depth and breadth of subject matter expertise, both in legal and practical applications.

Construction & Corporate Legal Aid

We have experience with both construction and corporate law, making us a valuable asset for developers, contractors, and property owners throughout the Houston, TX, area.

We’re Experienced Litigators and Mediators

We have extensive experience representing clients during arbitration and at trial, including trial at the state, federal, and appellate levels.

We’re a Client-Focused Firm

Patout & Shaw are committed to a good client experience, and that’s a culture we prioritize from everyone, from our partners to our support staff.

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Experienced Construction ADR Representatives for Houston, TX, Individuals, and Businesses


Contractors and subcontractors are frequently party to construction disputes and require experienced representation throughout the arbitration process.

Developers & Owners

If a developer or property owner is entering arbitration, they need to ensure that their interests are protected by an experienced construction lawyer.

Architects & Engineers

Architects, engineers, and other professionals in arbitration can face dire consequences without adequate legal representation throughout mediation.


Product defects or delivery delays can throw a project off-schedule. If you’re a supplier in mediation, you need an experienced construction attorney.

Public Agencies

If you or your agency are entering mediation, Patout & Shaw can help represent your agency’s best interests throughout the process.

And More

Our breadth of expertise ensures that we’re able to represent a variety of interests throughout arbitration and mediation processes.

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Experienced Houston Construction Attorneys Serving Contractors, Developers, and Owners

Patout & Shaw are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are represented before, during, and after arbitration. Whether you’re a contractor or materials provider, we have the expertise to help improve mediation outcomes for you.

Contact our offices today to speak with one of our team members and to schedule an initial consultation.

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