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Business Litigation Attorneys In Houston, TX

Legal problems frequently arise when doing business.

Address these issues head on to protect your business in Houston with Patout & Shaw PLLC on your side.

You’ve built the business of your dreams. Now you’re drawing up contracts and closing deals. But there’s a problem:

Without a business lawyer, your interests may be at risk. Patout & Shaw PLLC has the expertise in corporate law and business disputes to solve all of the problems listed above and more.

From Small Businesses to International Corporations, We’ve Got the Answers.

Employment Law: You’ve hired staff you like and trust. But if you aren’t an expert in employment law, you may leave your business open to legal action without even realizing. We will help you navigate tax questions, whether to hire employees or independent contractors, the Fair Labor Standards Act and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Merging two companies can leave you vulnerable to an unfair deal. Be sure to hire the business litigation attorney who’s paying attention to your interests. This includes reviewing all forms and contracts, as well as negotiating on your behalf. This is a legally binding process – be sure your business is in good hands.

Intellectual Property: Ideas can be one of the hardest things to defend legally. Unlike a physical possession, it can be tricky to prove where an idea or concept originated from. Intellectual property rights like trademarks, patents, or copyrights give physical evidence and claim to an idea that is rightfully yours.

Securities Law: Stocks in your company, bonds, loan packages, or mortgages are all covered under securities law. Since these are all investments in your company, losing them due to the incompetence of your business litigation lawyer would be devastating. At Patout & Shaw PLLC, we review every document with due diligence. With investors and a legal team you can count on, your only outcome will be success.

If You’re Being Sued, It’s Not Too Late

Why Choosing the Right Legal Representation is Essential

If you’re currently facing commercial litigation and you’re unsure where to start, we’re ready to walk with you from square one.

Many law firms assume that you understand legal jargon, are experienced in the business world, and have all the answers.

We understand that there are many small businesses that need a lawyer in the Houston, TX area. If you don’t have it all figured out, we’re here to offer straightforward advice in easy to understand terms.

The attorney/client relationship is one that we value. Your sensitive business information is safe with our team.

Patout & Shaw PLLC provides legal services for individuals and Texas businesses of all sizes to ensure they’re able to expand and grow their profit margin.

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